We also design fonts of all kinds and sell our original computer fonts. The world-wide acclaimed computer font called Kuba_reczny is our original font.

If you're interested in buying a license of any of our fonts, please fill in the order form.

Copyright to all our original computer fonts belongs to Jakub Degorski. Our fonts are not GNU-licence based.

Without the license you can:
  • create copies of the font
  • install the font on your computer(s)
  • use the font for non-commercial activities
  • share the font on your website on the condition that you won't change the original file and provide information on the author plus the link to our webpage
Without the author's permission you cannot:
  • change the font file in any manner
  • use the font for commercial use
  • share the font on a cd as a part of some application/software
  • sell the font in any digital and non-digital form

To cut the long story short commercial use in any kind of activity which leads to a profit. It includes:

  • using our font in a project you were paid for (i.e: poster, webpage etc;)
  • using our font in a project which enables you and others to make money on it ( electronic publications etc;)
  • adding the font to application(s)/software packages
  • selling our font(s) separately or collectively

We grant you a permanent non-excluive license thanks to which you can use our fonts in any of your commercial projects of your company/business and install it on 3,10 or all computers (depending on the type of the license).